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What is the operation method of the rice mill?

The rice mill is used to complete the process of rice dehulling and brown rice whitening at one time. This kind of professional dehulling and whitening instrument with high rate of dehulling, less broken rice, large sampling, simple operation and convenient carrying provides convenience for the smooth development of various quality inspection work of rice, and also meets the actual work needs in the field of grain storage and rice processing.

Mainly used for white rice Sassafras or water rice milling, can be suitable for processing a variety of different varieties, different precision requirements of white rice. It has the advantages of smooth surface of finished rice, low light loss, less broken rice, less bran and high rice yield. The operation method of the rice mill is as follows:

1. Put the rice mill on the workbench smoothly and plug in the power plug.

2, determine the grinding time, adjust the timing knob.

3, take out the pressure in the hopper, take 17-20g brown rice into the hopper, let it flow into the white grinding room. First press the power button to start, and then put down the press.

4, to the specified time, the rice mill is automatically stopped, first take out the hopper, remove the furriff.

5, then plug in the hopper, and then take out the press, turn the front rotation handle to the right degree, so that the milled rice in the grinding chamber falls into the hopper, the timing knob to 0, press the power button to idle the grinding wheel for a few seconds, so that all the rice in the grinding chamber falls, and then pull out the rice hopper, after sifting to obtain the measured milled rice.

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